SOCIAL SCULPTURES​ |​ trans(per)formative acts

This essay is part of the research called Social Sculpture, Trans(per)formative Act, borrowing the term of Social Sculpture from Joseph Beuys through the lenses of Brazilian perspective of Ecosocialism, to study the potentialities of art to transform the social sphere. How to embody ecosocialist ideas to dismantle inequalities, envisioning collective (trans)formations, and inspiring radical social change?

The study of Beuys ideas, among other references, has influenced my artistic practice since my solo AL13FB<3 premiered in 2014 and DEUS/X\MACHINA in 2016. Still fascinated by the idea of social transformation, I have been using his theories as guidelines of a series of works which I call a social sculptures series: THE CAVE, THE FOUNTAIN, and THE MARKET.

This text intends to be performative, that is, it intends to act, to do something. It is also a documentative collage of thoughts and ideas during the trajectory of the research that will work as documental reference and that I decided to share. The text is separated into 5 acts and includes references to books I read during my research. Click bellow in the link to download or to access the document.

Joseph Beuys 1921–1986
Ohne die Rose tun wir’s nicht, da können wir gar nicht mehr denken

Written by Fernando Belfiore With support guidance and conversation  with Rodia Vomvolou and spoken voices based on essays, books and videos

To Katarina Bakatsaki to insist on Freire

To Suzy Blok to affective resilience

To Renée Copraij to talk thought the dreams

To Vincent Riebeek and Nica Roses for journeying and reading

To Rodia Vomvolou for grounded collaboration

To Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst AFK grant and support