2012 .whatdowefinallyshare.

Over signs that rejected stultifying logic, Belfiore made us enter a space of dream reverie, from the surrealist movement alluding to aesthetic fluoride film Liquid Sky (1982), Slava Tsukerman, dragging us to a vertiginous plan, far from dull reasoned discourses, often in alleged intellectual precepts. It is presented in .whatdowefinallyshare. a limbo of different disciplines that characterized something freer and abdicated a synthetic label, limiter; finally, the work did not appear in exhibiting of a methodology, it was an exchange of excitation above all, which invites us to a ritual that causes a change in our mental states. By Tales Frey / Performatus Magazine

It has something of Planet of the Apes meets Blue lagoon. The theme that comes to mind is the destruction and resurrection of humanity. It is strong how Belfiore in a bare room with minimal props manages to create imaginative and intriguing scenes. The energy which the dancers diligently dive into the movements is admirable. by Karin van de Wiel TheaterKrant

Concept and Choreography: Fernando Belfiore Creation and Performance: Andrius Mulokas, Valentina Parlato and Fernando Belfiore Dramaturgy: Katarina Bakatsaki Sound advice and technical support: Tian Rotteveld Sound Collage and Light design: Fernando Belfiore Thanks to Federico Bonelli, Ricardo Guratti, Elien van Riet and Zeynep Gunduz Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam with the support of Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, Funds for Performing Arts and Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt Photos: Thomas Lenden – Amsterdam , Jonia Guimaraes – Sao Paulo, Boy Jomer – Paradiso Amsterdam

The distribution of the sensible reveals who can have a share in what is common to the community based on what they do and on the time and space in which this activity is performed. The Politics of Aesthetics, Ranciere.

 The things of the perceived world are manifest to us in experience, and not substances hidden behind a veil of appearances. Their meaning (work of art) is what is given in our experience of them. Phenomenology of perception, Merleau-ponty

.whatdowefinallyshare. by Brazilian choreographer, Fernando Belfiore is a humorous and intense performance, a journey of re-self-discovery, where movement is used to explore our identities, rigidities, and desires. The performance investigates materiality, artificiality and sensorial experiences. It is focused on the relation between the performers being affected by the materiality and the bodily experience of the audience.  Belfiore creates strong images that linger. With his choice of music and movements, he knows how to steer the emotions, looking for the extremes: strangeness, discomfort, confusion, ecstasy, and intimacy.

.whatdowefinallyshare. is a dance performance that investigates the idea of ‘being together’. The three performers place their bodies on a journey within extreme relations. Sharing? The body is the place where the other could be. What do we produce, distribute and experience, as individual and collective, and how does it affect us?.whatdowefinallyshare. by the young choreographer, Belfiore focuses on the relation between the audience and the performers through the bodily experience. Intense and with humor, the performance produces strong images and mixes classical music, pop, and visual arts.This project started at Makers Intensive at Dansmakers and it was presented at Uitmarkt Festival and PUNCH Festival in Amsterdam. The piece was selected to Aerowaves as priority companies 2013.  It was showed an adapted version for Van Gogh Museum and took part of I like to watch too Festival/Julidans. It will be presented in Frankfurt as part of residence in Zzentrum and at Festival Contemporaneo de Danca in Sao Paulo. Spending time together. Dismantling identities. Dis-establishing normality. Reaching impossible states. Unknown experiences. Body and environment, environment and body: Painkillers, Facebook, Apocalypse. My body is the place where the other could be.|| to re-posses our (im)possible bodies|||

.whatdowefinallyshare. is a performance that places the body in relation to. The piece is going to reveal, one by one, the ‘things’ that are going to construct a journey where the body is being affected.  The body, the voice, the gaze, and apparatus are performing a logic that is fragmented and dis-placed creating deformations that question our actual standards of seeing.Dentist plastic mouth makes the performer’s teeth and mouth exposed to extreme, it freezes their smile, opens their communicative organ, and yet blocked in their lips, voice and text artificially comes as part of a body that is taken apart. This oneness is questioned, the same trajectories start to produce differences. The body is possessed into a kind of trance and the performers use physicality to access places that will take them to shift to a place of risk and unknown.  Artificiality was thought to question normativity and explore the realities we can produce by the craft of our gestures and moves. We started questioning our experiences and how much are we able to observe, connect and be present in our experiences. And how these experiences affect our bodies? The performers’ standstill very close to the audience for a very long and almost disturbing time with forced open mouth. Time is stretched. Each ‘scene’ is intentionally exploring ranges of intensity. The performativity and ‘how to act’ starts to appear different as repetitive moves and continue jumps starts to transform in its meaning. We performers are also observing as giving space to be observed.  In Pos-Fordistic times while experiencing massively consume and production our existence, the piece de-territorialize the body and brings the observation to a subjective approach. Our experiences and ways of expending time are restricting. We do share everything at the same time we share nothing. After colored saliva that starts to drop from the performer’s mouth moving at Rihanna and Wagner overlaid songs, the performers, in a reduced white square paint the bodies in the dark that appear to be surrounded by stars, a city, a suspend place, a far universe, or shine dirty. With fluorescent paint, the performers paint their body till disappear in that.

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