Site Performances and Early Works


Photo by Thiemi Higashi


Plastic Bubble, Electronic Tooth Brush, Unicorn

EV is a journey dance performance constructed in a plastic bubble about the myth of animals creation and human evolution. The two young performers slowly unfold plastic animals to create a futuristic and artificial Eden’s garden to blow our minds with unexpected images and intense physicality. It will be shown tonight in the nightlife party performance context of Fremdköper in Smederij and at Vondel OpenLucht Theater in August. ready to BLOW! The work was commissioned by Marc Van Loon with students of Fontys Academy Evangelos Vaggelis Biskas V and Elysia Mc Mullen.



Glitter, Machines, Plastic black circle, Movies Soundtrack, One Dollar and Flowers with Goran Kusic, Tomislav Feller, Jordan Iffenildo and Luna EggersDansmakers Dansmakers aan T’IJ and VondelOpenLucht Theater Chaos (CHOREOGRAPHY), Transformation  (MOVEMENT) and Magic  (BODY). CHOREOGRAPHY will come to investigate precepts and affects rather than meaning and representation. MOVEMENT will be explored create unfamiliar conditions for and upon the trans-formative body. BODY will serve as a relational magic source that is able to be affected and unfold new materiality.

 The Other The Ritual

Museumnacht Amsterdam 3 Hours shaking performance, the audience is invited to join whenever they want

I invite you to be part of my ritual. This ritual is for you. This ritual is with you. This ritual is within you. Dance as if.

Before I desired to be the other to get to know what was not I. I understood so that I have been already the other and this was easy. My biggest experience would be to be the other of the others: and,I discovered then that the other of the others is ‘me’. Clarice Lispector


Forum of Live Arts Amsterdam

Striptease-ritual-performance with blood, clothes and piggybank


Die Fruperle Berlin

Sound box, backpack and voodoo


Just one more performance before going shopping

Dam Square Amsterdam

Glasses, Chalk and Borders and E.U Shopping


SNDO Amsterdam

Maionese, Ketchup and Red Peper.

CIMG1703 copy-1


Pinse Festival Norway in collaboration with Ingrid Berger Myhre

Food and Glass


7 to 10 ways to perceive your body

20 minutes turning blinded folded and other people doing other things to perceive for 20 minutes. Collaboration with Rose Akras Verbo São Paulo


Where does our shit go to?

Huisrechts Gallery Amsterdam

3 hours action looping performance at gallery’s toilet. Newspaper and Water.


Romeo and Juliet_

Tomatoes, Video, Gold and Love . With Florentina Holzinger SNDO Amsterdam


‘Os Filhos das Putas’

Mata-Hari – Nuit Blanche

Pussy Cat Dolls, Brazil, Colonialism, Life in EU, Antony and the Johnsons


All I see is food

SNDO Amsterdam – Studio 609

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 05.05.54